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Game Reviews/Recommendations

Post by NzO on 5th January 2011, 7:10 am

Hey everyone! I got this idea from the Skulltag forum when I saw a topic called "Last game you played 1 out of 10". It was pretty interesting and thought since we have none Skulltag forum members on here that we'd give it a shot.

Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop (Wii) 7/10
The game is basically a straight up 360 port of the XBox 360 Dead Rising except it carries a bit more ammo (From what I've read zombies drop more ammo on this version), new enemies, and the ability to jump when you please has been removed, oh and you also can't take photos anymore as well (Awww :< ). The cutscenes have been dumbed down from high res cutscenes to low res, so you will be watching blurry cutscenes whenever you pass a mission etc. The game itself looks pretty cool but I'm sure it has been dumbed down compared to the 360 version as well (This is where your Nintendo bashing comes to place Ody!). I just beat the game with the best ending which was pretty awesome but the gameplay can really REALLY REALLLLLY get repetetive. Eventhough it's been my dream to play a game where I can pick pretty much anything up from the floor and hit zombies with them or get on a bike and run and them down with it I have to say it got old after a while. In the game you pretty much go through the same areas over and over saving survivors and bringing them back to the security room where they will be very safe. You face the same hordes of undead and zombie poodles. Yes poodles, I lmao'd when I first saw it. Some highlights though are the guns are pretty much all guns from Resident Evil 4. I liked this because I was familiar with how the guns are already etc. and it was cool seeing them in another game. You can dress up Frank anyway you want to. Make him wear a prisoners outfite, a kid size jacket, or even a bikini. I heard you can dress as Megaman to which is awesome. Ummmmmm... Yeah. Well I don't know what else to add. Well all in all the game is fun, it WILL get repetetive though, you can count on that. The cutscenes are low res, the guns are all from another Capcom game, and you actually get to shop around a mall and take everything for free. Experience a semi Dawn Of The Dead (Original) world in this game and run zombies sown with lawn mowers/ 7/10. Its more worth renting than buying BUT if you have the 360 version I would stick with that.


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Re: Game Reviews/Recommendations

Post by Remmirath on 5th January 2011, 2:01 pm

Mirror's Edge - 9/10

This game is a blast. It combines survival skills with parkour stunts and running: what you have to do is investigate on some facts that are related to the main character of the game, that is the player, while at the same time avoiding cops by running away using whatever stunts you can. The fighting sequences mostly involve melee attacks, but if you knock down a cop, you can grab his gun and use it. Environments of the game mainly involve roofs of buildings or high towers, and the strong coloring of the areas guides you throughout the whole areas. My main gripe with this game is how it is a tad short, but the great gameplay makes up for that. The whole gameplay experience is also enhanced by the Unreal Engine 3, which makes use of heavy blooming effects and bumpmapping, thus bringing the player a very realistic vision of the game.

The game also involves a Speed Run section and Time Trial section. The former is a gamemode where you can replay the chapters of the game by setting up a personal speed run record. The latter is a gamemode that involves running through some predefined routes on buildings' roofs to be completed in the shortest span of time possible.

If you're a parkour/freerunning fan, I highly suggest you to try out this game.

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