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<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Empty <PRO> vs. [MS] - Win

Post by Ruin on 28th October 2010, 12:48 am

Nice going guys.

I'm surprised I even did well considering my lack of playing as of late. The team did very well, communicating and watching each others backs. Very solid performance from everyone tonight.

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Screenshot_Doom_20101027_191046

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Screenshot_Doom_20101027_193136

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Screenshot_Doom_20101027_195254

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Screenshot_Doom_20101027_200839

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Screenshot_Doom_20101027_201838

Final outcome: 4 wins, one lose. Total victory.

<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Provuvuzela1

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<PRO> vs. [MS] - Win Empty Re: <PRO> vs. [MS] - Win

Post by Goliath on 28th October 2010, 9:28 am

Nice job guys. Ya broke the tie with MS too.

Lemme know when you're playing more though, and I'll be there.

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