The Pyramid of Confusion - Alien Vendetta Map 20.

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The Pyramid of Confusion - Alien Vendetta Map 20. Empty The Pyramid of Confusion - Alien Vendetta Map 20.

Ported over from suddenlaunch.

Opening Logfile #515 of Cyberimp666
Dated May 15, 2009 at 1:16 A.M.

It was a long trip, and I was slowly running out of ammo. I had my shotgun and my rocket launcher at the time, but I was weakened from the previous attacks from that acidic area. There was a huge pyramid that was in front of me. I couldn't rocket jump around, so I had no choice but to go inside.

As I went inside, I had felt the pressence of the demons that I had fought from before. I loaded my shotgun with the eight shells I had left. The entrance forked into two paths, so I took the left. To my luck, a berserk pack was there, and I had felt power that I had once felt a long time back. My fist felt like it could kill a tiger in one hit, but I felt this power weaken by the second, so I ran recklessly to the other side, and punched two demons nearby.

Along the way there were more demons, including Imps, and one Hell Knight. I had the power to take down all of them with my fist, leaving me with enough ammo to take down the next corridor.

As I continued down, I ran across a blue sphere. This sphere had an aura that sucked me in. This sphere revitaliated me, and gave me the energy to continue my way.

The pathway was rather tricky, leading me into what seemed to be a fiery pit. As I went down, I was ambushed by more Imps and some demon zombies. However, they were mere cannonfodder, and I dispatched of them quickly with one rocket shot.

Eventually I found my way out, but was surprised to see that I was back where I started. There was an alternate path however, on the right of that area, so I took that path. It was weird, because I went there before, but there was a wall.

As I continued, I found this big powerful tech-ish gun. There were a few shots in it, which was useful enough. A big creature that I had seen a few times, the Cyberdemon, was waiting. I had barely managed to dodge his rocket and get a shot with the tech gun on him. It took all of its ammo to take down the beast. After he died, I recovered my shotgun and rocket launcher, and tossed that tech gun down, since that was too heavy for me to carry with these other guns.

Going around was a maze after that, dealing with a lava path inside the pyramid, and then out of no where, I ended up back where I tossed the tech gun. As I moved to grab it, since I had found ammo that would fit in that gun, a wall lowered, and a flaming creature known as the "arch-vile" came out and attacked me. I dodged his fire attack, and managed to grab the tech gun before he could finish his attack. As I blew one shot into his body, he disintegrated into nothing, and I escaped with a small burn on my shoulder.

I was going to leave the tech gun there, until I reached the next few rooms. They were filled with Hell Knights, and I had a few shots left on the tech gun, so I decided to obliterate the hell knights with my remaining shots, and dropped my shotgun, hoping that I would remember to pick it back up.

Entering the next room, two Cyberdemons were guarding the staircases. After my previous encounter, these two felt like a walk in the park, and were easily killed. However it was here where I dropped the tech gun, and ran back to my shotgun to prepare for what was next.

I found out that the upper staircase was locked, so I took the downstairs path. What lied down here was a big surprise. It was a sprialing cavern path, leading to the top, which lied a building. There was also a large lavafall off to the side, so it wasn't a good idea to fall off. There was rocket ammo near, so I was in luck. The path was filled with monsters, so I was worried if I would have enough to get up. However, I lucked out and found a grayish sphere, that gave me enough power to rocket jump once more. Rocket jumping my way up, I found the key at the very top, however it was surrounded by spiderlike creatures. These were not easy, as I had jumped right into the middle of all three of them. Rocket jumping out of the pit to the side, I swapped to my shotgun in midair, and took one of them down quickly. Once that one was down, I had enough space to easily dodge the other two. However after killing the two and grabbing the key, this massive spider appeared and started shooting me. I didn't have the tech gun at the time, so I took the safe route and jumped down the cliff.

I took a bit of damage going off the cliff, but I would rather have a few scrapes on my legs over a hundred bullet holes in my body. Once I recovered, I ran back down and up the staircase only to be ambushed by eight or ten skeleton zombies. My rocket launcher easily took care of them. After the skeletons came another arch-vile and two hell knights. They were taken care of easliy.

It was at this point that I decided to try to take the tech gun with me. I tried a strategy, of grabbing the tech gun, and placing my shotgun on top of it,, since the tech gun needed both hands, and my Rocket launcher was strapped onto my back. This worked for me.

I found a gap, and crossed it...only to be back where I started! I was confused. I went through all that for nothing? ! ? Out of plain disbelief, I went back to the entrance to rest. However I noticed that another path had opened. I decided to not go up the stairs, but to follow this pathway. Turns out another pathway was opened, and I was greeted with two skeleton creatures.

This pathway had a lot of switches, and it confused me for a bit. First I had to take a left, and hit that switch. Then I had to take the right path and hit a switch guarded by two hell knights. After that I had to backtrack a bit into a locked room and hit that one. Then I went forwards into a room of flying demons, and hit a switch in the farthest room. Then another opened up in the room right of it, and then back in that same room. A pathway opened up, leading to more demons.

At the far point was an arch-vile, easy killing, but after that I ended up back where I started. I was getting angry now, and continued to go back to the start. In the next room though, I noticed a switch to my left. I hit it, and the room locked up. Seeing this, I backtracked to see if another switch would lower this. I was correct. One switch lowered this, so I went back to that main room.

The backpack I had saved was still there, so I grabbed it in hopes of finding water or something useful. Upon grabbing it, a hell knight was attacking me from my right. I took a hit, and dropped the tech gun to lose the weight. My shotgun was enough to take the beast down. I left the tech gun there to mark where I was.

There was one last hell knight guarding a switch, and so after taking that demon down, I hit that switch, which opened a corridor nearby. Running recklessly into it, I was ambushed by a bunch of zombie chaingunners. I took a lot of hits and was weakened, but I managed to get out enough to shoot my rocket launcher into them all. I ran for my tech gun, which I had placed by the nearby medikit that had also been left near the backpack.

After going into the corridor, I took a right, and saw the demonic spider that was at the top of the mountain. This time I had to get past him, so I took a deep breath, and loaded up the tech gun with the last piece of ammo I had for it. As I readied myself, I ran as fast as I could, and fired the gun at point blank. To my surprise, this took down the spider.

The room I was in had three teleports, I took rest in this area, because I knew that this was the portal that I needed to take to reach my destination. I couldn't take the tech gun anymore, so I left it in the center where the spider's machinery lay broken. As I prepared myself, I took one last breath, and jumped into the teleport, not knowing where or what it would lead me to.

I opened my eyes, only to realize, that I was in a nest of Cacodemons. I have to be careful, because I do not want to awaken them, for if I did, I might not make it out alive of this nest.

--==End Logfile==--
Logfile end time - 2:01 A.M.

The Pyramid of Confusion - Alien Vendetta Map 20. RJX2-Titlepicbeta3 = Cyber's pics.
RJX2 Progress = Map 10: 5% complete.

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