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<PRO> vs (F5) - Win Empty <PRO> vs (F5) - Win

Post by Cyberimp666 on 12th October 2010, 1:39 am

Ruin's message: August 9th, 2009

It all starts with one question. "do you guys want to scrim?"

Why yes, yes I do. the opponents? oh? [F5]? ok, lets do it!

Matches took place on Node3 servers, which I recommend using from now on. PRO piles in with F5 waiting. The maps are agreed upon. Map 04 for starters.

Roster was Tooter, Hioshen, Captj3, and myself. F5 roster was Twister, monsoon, inferno (deathbringer), and another guy who's name starts with a K....can't remember wtf it was. ANYWAY. Defense was on FIRE. Tooter with upper D with myself supporting below. Nobody made it out alive, and if they did...they didn't get far. Tooter scored 85 kills with myself nabbing 80 kills. Spectacular kills were made, the game was just intense. Hio and capt did an amazing job on offense bringing home the flags. Final score was 5 - 1 our win. I was demoing the match, but froze so the footage was lost...kinda gay.

Second match was on Map01 3v3's. Tooter, Bojan, and myself played this match. Again, F5 had no idea where they were going. Deathbringer was the only one who put up any kind of challenge at all, he was the one doing the most damage. Saves were made, blocks were ran well, and overall teamwork was spot on. I'm proud of the way we played today. Congrats guys, you all earned it. score was 5 - 0 in our favor with the game tally being 2 - 0 our favor. I do have a demo of the second match, if you want it just tell me and I'll send via msn.

<PRO> vs (F5) - Win 2ega2j6

<PRO> vs (F5) - Win 335b6uv

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