<PRO> vs [MB] - Win

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<PRO> vs [MB] - Win Empty <PRO> vs [MB] - Win

Post by Cyberimp666 on 12th October 2010, 1:30 am

Ruin's message: April 21st, 2009


James, Nameless, Ruin

Tenchu, MP2E, Baron, Degex

Maps played
map01, map04, map19

Scores and description
Map01 4-5 [MB] win

Map01 was a very fun game, nameless was having lag issues during the match, but he did very well in supporting james. I was on Defense, trying to fend off [MB]. the game was close and hard fought but MB came out on top

Map04 5-2 <PRO> win

Map04, early scores for both PRO and MB with tenchu being MB's runner. James was on offense with Nameless supporting and myself on Defense. MB pulls ahead 2-1. However, Pro gets into gear with good running, solid defense, and good teamwork. Enemy flags were dropped and recovered for the score. This shows how PRO was working together against MB. the match ends with MB utterly confused on its positions, as everyone was bum rushing the PRO base and nobody coming out alive. the game ends in a 5-2 victory for PRO.

Map19 5 - 1 <PRO> Victory

normally on map19, yours truly gets very bored. the matches usually last the whole 20 minutes and I do not have a long attention span, however this game was different. MB was the clan that forced my old clan SM into early retirement with underhanded tactics via widowmaker. So, I had something to prove. James again was on offense with Nameless supporting, and myself on Defense. The match was hard fought. Again good team work prevailed as James hid from pursuer's after his flag bounty as Nameless and I hunted down tenchu to recover our flag. Nameless also cashed in a good score with his lag tactics, apparently he lagged up right before the flag base, someone in MB had nameless in his sights. However, Nameless' Ninja lag kicked in...and he VANISHED...scoring like it was nothing. It was so ninja, it was unbelievable. end result of the match was a score of 5 - 1 with the game ending almost at the buzzer. GG's MB.....revenge is sweet.

End result <PRO> wins 2 - 1

<PRO> vs [MB] - Win RJX2-Titlepicbeta3

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