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<PRO> vs. [A3] Empty <PRO> vs. [A3]

Post by Ruin on 30th July 2011, 12:55 am

Played some games with A3 today. As well as some clan by the name of [Gz] on Zdeamon, which was....odd. Sadly, I did not get any shots of the [Gz] games (we won both games).

Anyway, here are the games with A3 today.

Map01, 5 - 2 PRO Victory.
<PRO> vs. [A3] Screenshot_Doom_20110729_201256

Map14, 5 - 0 PRO Victory.
<PRO> vs. [A3] Screenshot_Doom_20110729_202623

Map31, 5 - 1 PRO Victory.
<PRO> vs. [A3] Screenshot_Doom_20110729_203609

I forgot to demo the game, if anyone has one...feel free to upload.

<PRO> vs. [A3] Provuvuzela1

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