Vacation summary.

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Vacation summary.

Post by Cyberimp666 on 11th June 2011, 5:29 pm

So day one:

I kid you not, 12 AM comes by and me n my bro are about to pass out, one of the dogs that my nina has over for the vacation got out of the house. We searched for 2 hours straight, spent 20 mins running at first, then drove around the area after giving up on running.
It took me till the last possible area to look to find her. Found her across the main street near the local gas station, glad it was late night and not many cars were out.
Went to bed at 3 AM.
Woke up at 6 AM.
Left at 7 AM.
Drove down to New mexico to reach texas, took a "shortcut" that caused us to lose 4 hrs of time.
Did a chinese fire drill on the way to roswell with the 4 of us. Flawless.
Stopped for gas at a "gas station" only to have some crazy woman threaten to call the cops cause we parked in her area, lil bitch.
Because of the above, we had like literally a minute of gas left before reaching roswell, NM so we made it barely.
Afterwards we slept at a rest area.

Day 2:

Finally made it, drove all the way across texas to New Brunsfield, killed 255 songs, big alternative/ punk playlist on full blast with bass drivin all the way down.
Got set in, swimming at the pool all day, no tang today.
Went lookin for a liquor store, two of the three on my google maps were closed at 9:30, and the third was on the map but not there. Gave up for the night.
Chilled in the hot tub for the night.

Day 3:

Headed to the beach, 2-3 hr drive down.
Spent a good bit of time there, not much tang sadly.
Watched my younger cousin eat sand tryin to do a mcflip.
Had a flock of birds attack our food cause my other younger cousin fed bread so i had to run across the beach to lure them away.
Nearly lost our football in the ocean (WILSON NOOOOOO)
Gulf of mexico's water is warm.
We took two cars, both of us got waved down by a cop for speeding, glad we didn't run cause there were more ahead of us.
Headed back home, hit the hot tub late night, no drinks.

Day 4:

Went tubing down the Guadalupe river.
Took a 12 pack of bud light lime with us, me n my cuz downed 5 each, someone else took the other two.
Made it all the way down the river, and then my littlest cousin decides to throw my wallet, right, into, the river...
We spent a good 30 minutes searching around. At first we thought it was long gone but my wallet is like a rock, it couldn't have gone far, and the water was murky. I found about 20 empty beer bottles, a pair of shorts, and some bags. The weird thing is that my cousin andrew did a prayer, and seconds after my uncle finds it with his foot. Everything was soaked but everything was there. I also lost my right sandal searching for it.

I go up a few steps and find a women's sandal, my size, and was a right sandal. A sandal for a wallet, fair trade right?

Head back home, go down to San Antonio for a little to see the Alamo.
Head into the hot tub for the night, catch a scorpion and my cousin tries to drown it with a squirt gun. I have a small video of it that I might get into here soon.

Day 5:

Water park time.
Schlitterbahn was the name of it, we all went early at 10 am, stood there all day till 7 PM.
Went around the parks, saw so much tang. Cool
Nearly lose one of the younger kids a good 5 times in the lazy river / wave pool hybrid.
Uncle gets in a fight with his lady, ends up drinking a few pints of bud light after not drinking for 5 years. I join him and keep him under control.
Started flirting with the bartender for a good bit. (she is a beauty too)
Scored her digits. Winning.
Had about 7 pints of Bud light, still kept stable, while my uncle had about 4 and he almost lost it.
Bailed back home afterwards.
Rested at the timeshare cabin, prep'd up for home.

Day 6:

16 hour road trip back home.
We all check how many songs we can kill before we reach home.
Each of us mark down each song, then pass the paper n pen over after 25 songs.
Music blaring at full blast, this time no alternative / punk, its mostly dubstep, rap, techno, trance, rock, heavy metal, n all in between.
One of the cars gets hit for speeding, and possibly drunk driving. He's clean (this is my nino) and gets let off with a warning. Lucky save.
Same car hits a rabbit crossing the street at night, flies towards us and misses.
Rest of the road trip is stable.
We get home about 3 AM.
Count of songs killed was 232.
Had a couple drinks, mostly harder liquor, before passing out around 6am-ish.

Woke up at 11 am, cleaned up and ate.
I'd say it was worth it with all the crazy stuff that happened on this one, also got me a real nice tan.
I'll try to grab what pics I can and post em later if I get time. = Cyber's pics.
RJX2 Progress = Map 10: 5% complete.

The moon is red tonight. I'll kill you for sure.

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Re: Vacation summary.

Post by Bojan on 12th June 2011, 9:37 am

Cyberimp666 wrote:Scored her digits. Winning.

Only another 16 hour trip each way to go bonk her Very Happy


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Re: Vacation summary.

Post by Totengott on 12th June 2011, 3:24 pm

Bojan wrote:
Cyberimp666 wrote:Scored her digits. Winning.

Only another 16 hour trip each way to go bonk her Very Happy

I was about to say that too XD
Sounds like a nice trip, all that crazy stuff is what makes it fun, haha.

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Re: Vacation summary.

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