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Generation 4 - A Return to Competition Empty Generation 4 - A Return to Competition

Opening Logfile #621 of Cyberimp666
Dated March 4th, 2011 at 8:45 P.M.

Generation 4

April 27th marks the 4th year of PRO's life, a long life in the eyes of many skulltag clans. The longest living clan in ST's history was DRZ with 4 years. DRZ has since faded away, leaving PRO to live on as the oldest clan in ST. My hope is that I will be able to see this clan continue to live longer than that.

Four years...there have been many memories that I've had with this clan during my time spent with it. From the early days with Cimmerian and Vegeta, up to the first exodus in PRO's second generation, and it's multiple times of inactivity. I have covered everything up to my first two years in this clan in another logfile, so I will now continue to tell the story of the events that have happened throughout PRO's third and fourth year of living as I can remember.

On April 1st we pulled the best April fools joke any clan could ever play. Even though it was very obvious to those who saw it on the 1st, the community members that got involved in it during the days of March 27th to the 31st made our joke seem more real than any other clan who could say "oh our clan died haha april fools!" A proville was made on this, it currently stands as Proville 3.

This story leaves off back in early May, a few days after PRO's second year. At this point in time, our past member MP2E had decided to return back to PRO, since R had shortly died. His time in R had kept him distant from us, but he managed to realize that we were still friends and that the clan was willing to accept him back with us. He was a strong addition to the clan, and helped us greatly. The true test for him however would be when the clan went back into inactivity during the early summer season. It was around late May when Aceofsleep would enlist into the army, not helping our inactivity problem.

The next day after Ace's departure we invited a player known as Anna. She was an ex-GF(lol ace inside joke) clan member, and had more maturity over the GF members. Bringing her into the clan was no easy task, as she had to prove herself by a long shot, coming from GF. Bringing her in however had little to no effect on our activity, as the clan fell into a month long slumber.

The only recorded game that was played was a game against "<VILE>" resulting in a member called 104 playing against Ruin. The match was supposed to be a 2 on 2 CTF, but in the end resulted in a 1 vs 1 Duel with Ruin winning the game 25-3. Easiest scrim victory ever recorded in my eyes. Unfortunately we were on a losing streak, but it was still laughable to win again.

BadCheetah eventually left around late June, and the clan [R] revived, taking MP2E alongside, but not after a massive flamefest between Totengott and MP2E. No doubt after that, there would be a rivalry between the two, however Ruin and I went to MP2E and told him straight up that it was his choice to make and we were fine with it. He spent six months with [R]. Totengott however spited the fact that he would go around saying "I dont want to scrim with PRO when I already know the outcome."

During the argument between MP2E and Totengott, Ruin decided to settle it out, and he quoted to MP2E:


At the time I believe I was drunk, and went into the IRC channel with the tag [BFF]. I managed to convince Ruin and 8 others to add the tag to their name for the night. At the same time LF (or DE) came to us and challenged us. Ruin cleverly said a quote that would forever live on in PRO's history:


A mix of mockery from MP2E's reactions along with the known fact that a player named Aenima would go around crashing cheat servers became the quote of BFF.

A trio of myself, nzo, and Chieftain accepted the challenge after laughs were had from Ruin's quote, and played them on map 1, and the trio relentlessly chaingun defended the whole map, forcing them to waste 5 minutes before scoring a flag on us. Much laughing ensued afterwards, and BFF became an inter-clan meme. BFF eventually became a known meme around staff members and many members in the community.

It was around late June when the PROCTF project was worked on. This little project brought back activity within clan members and gave the clan a spark of hope. Totengott and I had different opinions on how the CTF project should be run, however after tons of arguments, the project finally made progress. Unfortunately the project was stalled and eventually halted in late July.

June 23rd, 2009. The clan had a small glimpse of hope, where three clan members, Me, Hioshen, and Doomfiend dominated a 12 man Deathmatch game in UDMX for three rounds. After these rounds, I went to our old forums and posted these pics as proof that our clan is not "Dead", and what we could do to improve ourselves. The main thing I noted was that it shouldn't just be me looking for games, and that more organized events should be done to keep ourselves busy if not competitive.

Capt J3 was recruited early July, and has been a valuable member ever since. He's a great mapper, and overall a strong player. We brought him in to help compete with us, however only a few games were recorded, and my memory serves me badly.

During our inactivity however, July served as the most amusing month of the year, where we discovered a relationship happening between two of our own clan members, Anna and Aceofsleep. Ace had returned from the army around mid-July, and was kicked for "suicidal tendencies." Eventually word spread out about the two, and eventually word spread out to the community in general. Laughs started going around and our clan earned a small tad of disrespect due to it. In late July, Anna was kicked from PRO, and a Proville was created explaining all the events that happened during July. Proville 4 covers these events in more detail.

August was another month of inactivity, however we brought in Sherbalex into the clan, since we had soon heard from him that EG had disappeared. He unfortunately went inactive a few months later.

You would figure summer would be the best season to be active, but for PRO it was a real bore. Perhaps because many of us had a reality to attend to, or maybe just lack of interest. Ruin was busy with other games. Nzo had decided to move onto another community for a while. Bojan was the only euro around, so it was hard to get games with her. Everyone just disappeared, and it felt to me like the very first summer season PRO had was repeating. It felt weird, but I knew that this clan would get by and become active again.

September, and all the way up to December, the clan was very quiet...a few games here and there but nothing big. With GvH taking over ST, there wasn't much clans out there to play either. It felt like a depression within the clan.

December struck, and things changed. We brought in a powerful member, Gosimer, who has had great mapping skills as well as a good aim and a sense of humor. He has been a great choice from all of us, and to this day still remains with us as a PRO. We also brought back MP2E, who had returned after leaving [R]. With him and Gosimer back on the team, we came back with players wanting games, however it wasn't enough to help out our inactivity.

Games were slim, so I had to do something to help us all out. I wanted to see how well the clan would live if I were to leave it, so I made a clan called [AutoAim] - a mockery of GvH haters with autoaim, and as a fail-safe. I saw doubt in some members eyes (or posts), mainly Totengott's, about how they felt that PRO wouldn't recover. It was really stressful finding ways to help recover the clan's situation.

January struck, and we all learned of our once inactive leader Cimmerian was able to play again. He started by playing games on ZDaemon, and at first word of this Bojan joined him, and the duo took down all southern american clans on ZD, proving that our clan could be a force to reckon with on both ports.

This also brought back other members to activity, and PRO vs PRO practices were played again during early January. This brought back hope to the clan, and proved that we were still alive. We were active during January and February, unfortunately not many games were recorded except all ZD matches.

March of was time that all of us packed our bags from the once active Suddenlaunch forums and move to Forumotion, our new home. We had spammed this place to start bringing activity here, as well as invited many community members, only a slight couple joined however. Typical for a clan forum. I spent a bit of time porting over all Provilles as well as important topics over while Totengott worked on the forum itself. We all agreed to keep suddenlaunch locked but open for people to read.

During the whole month of March we were all active, yet inactive. A lot of us messed around on the clan's new forum, joking around about our inactivity. It was quite entertaining to say the least, and surprisingly kept the clan entertained enough to last through our inactive season. Doomfiend at the time had also left for SOS, and Bojan herself went inactive, basically leaving Hio and myself as the most active in the clan.

There was no April fools this year, which was a shame. However during the year of April we were very active with another clan called SOS. Keo's clan had multiple games against us, but we took the lead in many of these matches. This would be the start of our return back to the competitive scene.

Competition was slow, and my own life was getting busy as well, but that didn't stop us from taking back Skulltag's competition. During the month of May, we took down SOS multiple times, as well as a new clan [G]. This clan however showed potential, and little did we know that it would soon be our rival clan [A3] by the end of the year. During this time we brought back Doomfiend, and also recruited an ex-DX member known as Saber. He was a great player overall, but sadly went inactive on the ST scene months later.

June came by and the CTF project was revived for a while, keeping us busy, and we went inactive for the month.

July came by, and so came back the return of a powerful player Metalhead. She had left [R] for a while now and wanted a place to return to. PRO was that place, and she was quickly brought in. She has been a great addition to the clan, and to this day she still remains with us.

Shogun and Goliath were both brought into the clan near the end of the month, both of them being real rusty and on a lower level than most of our members. This however inspired Shogun to improve himself, and he has been doing so. Goliath himself has done the same, and has been the biggest underdog in PRO's history, however he has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with once he stops lagging. Goliath has left for [MS] and Shogun has focused himself more on his reality and his music mixes. Good luck to the both of them.

Also joining us was Eruanna, one of ST's admins and developers. She wasn't a strong competitive player, but she was able to support the clan competitively as well as keep everyone motivated. She's mostly a talker over anything, and is still a newbie in my eyes. Her skill level is mid-tier.

At this point in time, many clans had fallen from us, including [RT], and many others, and PRO had become one of the strongest clans on ST once again. We were active, and had returned to the competitive scene. One of our greatest moments in competitive history was the day we beat [RT], when the server was packed with 8+ spectators. After we won, our "vuvuzela" was spread around the server, with at least the whole server spamming the high five (o/ \o) like crazy. The high five had became an image for PRO members, as a sign that we did it. Defeating RT was the last step in becoming the top clan in ST, and we had achieved just that. Everyone was happy. However we all know no one stays on the top forever...

October brought many changes, one of them being the challenge of a new clan called [A3]. Their core members consisted of Mobius, Vector, punisher, and Razgriz. When first challenged, they had lost to us. However this would not last long, as in December things would change.

Bojan decided it would be time to recruit people for her to play with, so she would not be the only euro on the team. In a flash, Xaver, Devi, Chalimandren, and Remmirath were welcomed into the clan, and so began Bojan's wrath on the European side of skulltag's competition. In doing so, the clan "EL>" had started to challenge us more, and in return they grew just as strong. EL soon grew to become one of the top tier clans in ST.

December came by, and the rivalry between PRO and A3 was strong as ever, however things changed once our first loss was handed to them. Right after the loss, their ego level grew to the level of Driedman winning a GvH game in public. Metal right away noticed this, and knew that there would be issues later down the road. During this month we played multiple games, and around late december we lost more and more to them, while their ego went higher and higher. It ultimately got to the point where I had to defend Goliath on occasion when their newer recruits started to call him out. Eventually their leader got into a fight with the leader of MLK, and drama ensued. Seeing this as a chance to "dish back his dirt", I took advantage of the situation and attacked A3's leader alongside, however keeping things neutral with all other clan members.

Eventually a few of A3's members had a priv game, vs a stacked team consisting of [R] The team was two PRO members with two A3 members. We managed to score 3 on [R], and in doing so proved that A3 and PRO were the strongest clans on ST. This team later became known as PRO3, and still to this day lives on as proof of our rivalry.

January struck, and we started off the year weak. We had losses going on to A3, and even a loss to MLK. We felt like we were back on square one. Drama ensued between PRO and A3 throughout the month, and eventually MLK became involved.

February....ah yes, my 21st birthday was near. Nothing could go wrong in this month...well for me anyway. Multiple things happened here, one of them including the return of Mauler. Mauler was our wild card in case we didn't have a 3rd to play games. At first it was Jenova, and then it would become Dr.Noob for one game each. We played with Mauler, and won all our games against A3. A player known as Tenchu had learned about Mauler's true identity, and plastered it all over the forums of multiple doom sites in an attempt to show the desperation of PRO. Little did he know however that the only harm he was doing was hurting A3's reputation, which was proven later down the road when he was caught for hacking, and eventually, master banned.

My 21st birthday came on the 26th of February. I spent the day up at Blackhawk, CO, and drank plenty along with gambled a ton on the craps tables. Later that night I went downtown and partied it up with friends, being the oldest of the group has its drawbacks, but we managed to find a place to all have a good time. It was not until the next day that I heard about what had happened to A3 during that same day.

A3's ego got to their head, causing an exodus between them. They lost half their members, and notably, half their skill. A week before the end of February was their last moments in glory, as they soon fell apart. The remains of A3, Razgriz, Aabra, and Punisher, are struggling to return A3 back to the competitive scene. In my eyes, we nearly lost a valuable rival, and that is something I would not like to see.

I personally see A3 taking the same route that PRO had once taken in its beginning days. What Mobius was, was like who Vegeta was during his days in PRO. This exodus to A3 is the exact same exodus that happened to PRO. I am hoping for the best that A3 will make a recovery and return, because they are a clan that has been able to stand up to PRO.

It is currently March 4th. In one month and a few weeks, PRO will be 4 years old. Within the past two years we have suffered through a lot of inactivity, but we have finally returned to competition, and we have also made PROCTF something with potential. Today, the project has 27 maps completed, and three more maps being made as I type this. As I look over everything I can safely say that this clan has proved to everyone that we are definitely the same PRO from 4 years ago, and nothing will ever change that. This clan has gone through so much that even inactivity will not stop this clan from dying.

Whether PRO falls back down to a lower tier and loses more to mid-tier clans, or whether the day comes when PRO claims victory over R, nothing will stop us from changing what we have turned it into. Nothing will break apart the very fortress that Proville stands on, with our flags waving high in the air, and no one will ever be able to tear down the very walls that we built to keep this clan together.

PRO will live on to be one of the greatest clans in Skulltag's history, and Proville will live on, even after our members have passed on the torch. The fifth generation has yet to come to us, but I have a feeling that when they do, they shall keep this clan alive as long as I have. As our members slowly become veterans, I can look back and say that I am proud to be with this clan for the 4 years that it has been active.

Thanks to all PRO members who have made this possible.
4 years alive, and the greatest 4 years of my time on ST have been with this clan.
Lets keep the good times rolling!

--==End Logfile==--
Logfile end time - 11:20 P.M.

Generation 4 - A Return to Competition RJX2-Titlepicbeta3 = Cyber's pics.
RJX2 Progress = Map 10: 5% complete.

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Generation 4 - A Return to Competition :: Comments


Post on 6th March 2011, 8:28 pm by CIMMERIAN

Nicely done mate. Once I get the time I will make some texts to contribute to our clan history, and also post the scrims we had this year so far. I might even post some of those old pics we both have to share with the newer members Wink.

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Post on 7th March 2011, 3:12 am by Cyberimp666

Haha go for it, there's an art gallery for a reason. Razz

That or off topic discussion, your pick!

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Post on 7th March 2011, 7:17 pm by CIMMERIAN

Indeed Wink , too bad so many great pics remain at the old site.
I do like the simplicity it takes to upload one now though Cool .

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Post on 9th April 2011, 8:13 pm by Goliath

This breaks an old member's wee heart.

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