<PRO> vs [MS] - Win

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<PRO> vs [MS] - Win

Post by Bojan on 1st November 2010, 5:39 pm

Pro wins all four matches. First two were played on NJ, last two were played on GV (much to MS's dislike(mega-rages)).

Pro players: Bojan, MP2E, Remmirath, Xaver
MS players: Espio, JosephHicks, Nightfall, SoulSucka, SpiritSoldier

Map01: <PRO> 5 - 1 [MS] NJ

Map14: <PRO> 5 - 1 [MS] NJ

Map04: <PRO> 5 - 0 [MS] GV

Map11: <PRO> 5 - 1 [MS] GV

GGs, we need more euros !!


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Re: <PRO> vs [MS] - Win

Post by MP2E on 2nd November 2010, 3:08 am

Cool PM me any time if you're playing on NJ again!

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