<PRO> vs [CJ] - Lose

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<PRO> vs [CJ] - Lose

Post by Cyberimp666 on 12th October 2010, 1:11 am

Cyber's message: April 3rd, 2008

A well talented clan/group of aliasers, that have apparently just came from quake (same excuse that MEME gave. Turns out the trio was Goblin, Tenchu, and Redshirt.)

We may have lost in games, however the matches were very close, and overall, we have won in flag captures, but its overall games in this case, and although we have lost, we did great, even with a few delays from me.

After the game we seemed to put an impact on them, there was no "AHAHAH SCREENIED WE WON LOLZ" or anything like that, however Bigbomb2 spoke first saying that was fun, and they replied back with the same thing. Hopefully [CJ] will become a real clan, and we can have more future matches with them.

Map 1
We started off not too bad, although I crashed and they scored a free point. We did good holding off and keeping this game going for a while, the game ended up a close 4 on 4, but then my hand went shaky and i missed the perfect shot to save our flag, ending the first round. I still enjoyed my 1 hp flag capture though.
Kitty did great holding defensive here, and Bigbomb2 was good at attacking.

They had a food break after the first match...so we waited.

Map 16
the first thing I did when the map started was joined in and rushed directly for that megasphere, without grabbing any weapon. That megasphere was a vital part of keeping control of this map, and rushing straight to it, I could get by a few direct SSG shots. Kitty did a great job here, holding off any enemy player who grabbed the megasphere before us, and Bigbomb2 did a good job at running in for me when I left for 3 minutes. (the game didn't stop, leaving it as a 2 on 3). Great work guys.

Map 4

They kept hinting that they didn't know this map...giving away the fact that they were indeed a fake clan, however that didn't stop us from going in strong. During this match I was in a rush since I had two tickets to go to a lacrosse game, so I kinda tried to rush the map, I can take the blame for the loss here guys, but you both did a good job here.

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