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Proville 4: The Ace Edition Empty Proville 4: The Ace Edition

Created by Bojan on July 27th, 2009.

Hello my friends, stay a while and listen. It has been almost a whole year since my last Proville! I feel as if I have been depriving you all... hence the ominous return of Proville #04 – The Ace Edition.


Now I must warn you, the adventure I am about to share with you all is rather emotional… and quite long. So take a deep breath and prepare yourselves for the mighty journey of love between Aceofsleep, Anna and somewhere along the way, Driedman. I must say, I am rather jealous of Anna’s love conquests. Now! I shall set the scene for you, starting at the very beginning…

Once upon a time there was a young warrior called Aceofsleep. All he ever wanted was to find love with a very special girl, but unfortunately, he was yet to find this girl. He had recently been knocked back by a girl who he thought was ‘the one’. This girl was called Alyssa. Poor Ace didn’t know what to do with himself! He confided in Bojan and James in a village called some coop server.
‘I’m suicidal!’ he claimed. Bojan and James were in aghast.
‘Why would you say such a thing?’ asked James.
‘Because I can’t get a girlfriend! I will never get one, I will never find love…’ he replied.
‘But you are so young! You have plenty of time to find someone right for you’ said Bojan, almost in tears.
‘Whatever’ said poor young Ace. He then proceeded to leave some coop server. Bojan and James were so worried for poor young Ace. They held each other into the night to help the worry and pain go away.

Ace had run off to a town called Hide and Seek, where a fair maiden called Anna was playing. Ace couldn’t believe his eyes! How could such beauty be contained by one person! Ace plucked up the courage to talk to the fair maiden. Once they started talking they just couldn’t stop! They talked for hours on end into the night. Unfortunately, Anna had to leave. Her parents were calling her inside.
‘It’s my bedtime, sorry’ said Anna.
‘It’s ok baby, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!’ said a smitten Ace.
Ace found it rather intriguing that Anna was still being called in for bedtime by her parents… how old was she?

The next day Ace found Anna in the village of coop. He decided to ask her about the night before…
‘Oh, um. I’m 12 Ace... I hope that isn’t a problem’ said Anna.
‘Shit! A bit old for me, but I reckon I can work things out between us. Is it really that wrong for a 46 year old to want after a 12 year old?’ thought Ace.
‘Uhh, no not at all!’ stuttered Ace in reply to Anna.

Later that day, Ace dropped a bombshell on Bojan.

Bojan: Ace!
Aceofsleep: O hi
Bojan: How are things on the Anna front?
Aceofsleep: Dunno I haven't been on MSN at all today
Aceofsleep: I'm going into the Army anyway
Aceofsleep: I pretty much am going to be gone until Oct.
Bojan: Training?
Bojan: Turning gay?
Aceofsleep: Training yes turning gay no
Aceofsleep: I'll go out with hookers instead
Bojan: You gonna wait for Anna?
Aceofsleep: Nope
Bojan: I thought you said you were?
Aceofsleep: I'm not waiting for no one
Aceofsleep: Nope I changed my mind
Aceofsleep: Why wait for someone that might not even be available at all when the time comes?
Bojan: Because you love her
Aceofsleep: I love no one
Bojan: Apart from Anna
Aceofsleep: Not even her
Bojan: Why the change of heart?
Aceofsleep: Why not change of heart,
Aceofsleep: I have feelings for people that don't have the same feeling so why should I have that feeling when it just hurts me later?
Bojan: How do you know she doesn’t feel that way about you?
Bojan: Have you asked her?
Aceofsleep: I don't need to nor do I need this to bug me later on while I'm in basic training and AIT
Aceofsleep: I don't plan to even try to start a relationship with anyone expect for just friends
Bojan: But what if she does actually want you?
Bojan: Would that change your mind?
Aceofsleep: It would but if it were a joke I would stop at nothing to put them 6 feet under
Bojan: and if it wasn’t a joke?
Aceofsleep: Like I said it would change my mind
Bojan: What if I were to tell you she told me she likes you?
Aceofsleep: I wouldn't believe it
Bojan: Haha, why?
Aceofsleep: Just a hunch that it's nothing more to play with my mind
Bojan: Nah, she does actually like you.
Aceofsleep: In what way?
Aceofsleep: Friends or more than friends?
Bojan: More than friends
Aceofsleep: As in I might get a date or just a strong relationship that is nothing more than friends to me?
Bojan: Might get a date
Bojan: But, the distance D:!
Bojan: What state are you in again?
Aceofsleep: Louisiana
Bojan: Yeah, rather far
Aceofsleep: lol
Bojan: So it'd be a bit difficult
Aceofsleep: :\ To be honest I don't like the fact of no physical contact
Aceofsleep: And I don't mean as in sex
Bojan: Well maybe you could move with the army
Aceofsleep: Yea that came to mind but she's 16 I could get nailed with that shit D:
Aceofsleep: It's illegal to date someone that is underage
Aceofsleep: The only loophole in that is 23 months of your and their birth date
Aceofsleep: That and she's not on now is she?
Bojan: nah
Aceofsleep: She'd be flirting with MP2E to get a hold of the MP3E
Aceofsleep: Blah I don't know anymore...
Aceofsleep: I say one thing then that changes I do one thing that turns on me
Bojan: D:
Aceofsleep: But
Aceofsleep: How do you know this for sure though that she likes me the way that she does
Bojan: Because she confided in me
Aceofsleep: So glad for
Aceofsleep: I got one other question
Aceofsleep: When did she tell you this?
Bojan: Last week some time
Aceofsleep: And you waited how long to tell me this?
Aceofsleep: God of course the egg hits the fan BEFORE I leave
Aceofsleep: Not 1 week before... 2 days before it happens!
Bojan: ohhh damn
Bojan: haha
Aceofsleep: :\
Aceofsleep: I honestly
Aceofsleep: Dunno what the fuck to even say now...
Aceofsleep: No I'm just going to play ST and shot shit up
Aceofsleep: I'm not pissed at her or you just the timing that you have
Aceofsleep: Time seems to be against me all the time
Aceofsleep: First I was too late to ask Alyssa out and now right before I ship out to Basic Training... This just suddenly comes up
Aceofsleep: Why
Bojan: =(
Aceofsleep: Like I said it's nothing against you I just hate the timing you had... Just nothing seems to go my way and it's always too late to do something about it

Poor Anna! Ace would be off to the Army in just a few short days… how would the two cope without each other? Ace was besotted with Anna, but she didn’t know! Bojan just couldn’t let this go on any longer, Anna had to know!

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Proville 4: The Ace Edition :: Comments


Post on 22nd March 2010, 12:27 am by Cyberimp666

Bojan: Spoken to Anna?
Aceofsleep: Yea kinda
Bojan: What did you/she say?
Aceofsleep: I didn't ask of course
Aceofsleep: It would feel as if I sniched on you that you told me
Aceofsleep: Pretty much kept it at a casual converation Razz
Aceofsleep: I don't want to scare her off you know...
Aceofsleep: Besides I'm 19 and she's 16...
Bojan: 19 and 16 is perfectly legal over here Wink
Aceofsleep: Yea but you have to be 23 months of each others birth if they are under 18
Bojan: Not here
Aceofsleep: There's a difference between there and here
Bojan: Move over here and bring her
Aceofsleep: Pretty much if I were to get caught I'd get nailed with pedo shit
Aceofsleep: But although... I just can't explain myself
Bojan: Wait for her then
Aceofsleep: Like I want her but yet like I don't know if she truly wants me it's just something you told me for all I know it's a trip or something to just to get me to feel better or it could be some online police trap
Aceofsleep: Blah I don't know anymore
Aceofsleep: Sucks though that I ship on Wensday and no idea when and if I can get on a computer at all
Bojan: damn D:
Bojan: Lets hope she doesn’t lose interest until October..
Aceofsleep: That would be where I go emo and kill myself
Aceofsleep: I got to be honest... I know I have the heart for her but I try to avoid it...
Aceofsleep: Mainly because it's not the first time I felt I had the heart for someone... But... They didn't have the same feelings that I had for them
Aceofsleep: Mainly this refers to Alyssa
Aceofsleep: Any comments at all?
Bojan: E-mail her while you're away
Bojan: They'll let you get online to email home and stuff
Bojan: Keep in contact with her so she likes you more and more
Bojan: Maybe even love :O
Aceofsleep: That's what I hope for
Aceofsleep: But between you and me
Aceofsleep: My parents said that my brother Mike and sister Grace became the devil (sarcasism but kinda the truth) when they turned 18
Aceofsleep: Instead for me I felt the need for someone special
Aceofsleep: And also have kids (Surpizingly)
Bojan: You should have kids with Anna
Aceofsleep: Our kids will play DOOM at 7
Bojan: Awesome !
Aceofsleep: But they aren't allowed in PRO
Bojan: So, you gonna wait for Anna or?
Aceofsleep: I believe I will so as long as I know she will wait for me
Bojan: I think she wants to but she's too scared to say it to you
Bojan: Maybe you should email her on your last day..
Bojan: Tell her how you feel so she knows
Bojan: E-mail her just before you leave
Aceofsleep: Blah Like I dunno what to say anymore
Aceofsleep: Damn net
Bojan: Speak from the heart
Aceofsleep: That's what I'm doing but like... right now I could tell her but she's not on
Aceofsleep: Weird having this feeling for someone I have never seen before I guess
Aceofsleep: Mind if I include that you told me that she likes me or just leave that out?
Bojan: leave it out
Aceofsleep: Just say a reliable source?
Bojan: yeah ok
Bojan: Send me the email before you send it to her
Bojan: I'll check it through for you =p
Aceofsleep: Blah I'll just not include the source part and just say I feel the why I feel
Bojan: ok
Bojan: You doing it now?
Aceofsleep: Pacing... thinking... I know how I am I'll be awhile to type it though
Bojan: Send when you're done =)
Aceofsleep: I'll send it to you when I'm done
Aceofsleep: Ok... I think it has a lot to be done to it but you're a girl you would be a harsh critic too
Aceofsleep: Send it to you
Aceofsleep: I hope I didn't send it to her instead though on acident... then I would really feel stupid

Something unsaid‏
From: Robert (
Sent: Mon 5/25/09 10:03 PM
I know this may seem weird and all but when I go away for basic training and AIT, I'm going to miss you in a way you might not realise. I know I may end up getting my feelings hurt by writing this… but I’m certain about the way I feel about you. The feelings go deeper in my heart than just a friendship. When I go away, I’m going to miss you a lot. Same goes for the people I’m leaving behind at home. I’ll miss you all quite a lot as I might not be able to get online to e-mail everyone to say how I’m getting on. I’ve never said a goodbye like this to anyone before... like when I first moved from home I never had the chance to say goodbye to anyone because I thought I’d be there for my entire life. I move and came back but... home just doesn’t feel like home anymore. Things had changed all around me along with how I felt about the word which changed me inside. I don’t know if you feel the way I do about you, but I’m willing to wait for you in the future. I don’t quite know how to say it, and it may sound weird to you but, you have my heart. My feelings for you are opening up even more as I write this letter because I want you to know how I feel. I beg of you with all my heart, please wait for me.

Bojan: Just read it, it's good
Bojan: You should elaborate more about how you feel
Aceofsleep: Like I know where to put what
Aceofsleep: Ok where should I put more stuff to it?
Aceofsleep: Ok like I don't know where I should change what
Aceofsleep: I just don't know where to add or change words
Aceofsleep: You're going to have to help me D:
Aceofsleep: Send it now or send it tomorrow?
Bojan: Tomorrow
Aceofsleep: Because I don't know when is the last time I can send it
Aceofsleep: What do you think she'll do when she gets this?
Bojan: Read it, probably reply
Aceofsleep: Ok

Finally, Bojan had convinced the young stallion to tell Anna how he feels! The feeling of self-accomplishment was surging through Bojan’s veins.

The next day:

Aceofsleep: Well I sent it...
Aceofsleep: I know she's in school right now anyway...
Bojan: ok :0
Bojan: When are you leaving?
Bojan: Tomorrow?
Aceofsleep: Yea but I need to get my stuff together today and crap
Bojan: You gonna be online when she gets home?
Aceofsleep: She wasn't on last night that or I didn't catch her
Aceofsleep: Not sure been doing a lot of crap it seems... pacing around doing nothing pretty much
Aceofsleep: That and I had a dream I was marrying her...
Aceofsleep: And of course with the parents I got they woke me up
Aceofsleep: Once I have that I know for certain I have the heart for her in the way of beyond friendship

This was the last time Bojan spoke to Ace before he was shipped off to Basic Training. But of course, Bojan had to find out Anna’s response! Did she feel the same way or not?
‘I’m not telling!’ said Anna. Poor Bojan, for she would have to wait upon Ace’s return to find out Anna’s true feelings…

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Post on 22nd March 2010, 12:28 am by Cyberimp666

Two months after his departure, Ace had returned! Bojan had spotted him in the city of MSN. She ran over to chat to him and catch up!

Bojan: ACE!
Bojan: How was basic training?
Aceofsleep: I got discharged from it
Bojan: Why did you get discharged?
Aceofsleep: Depression/suicidal
Bojan: wow
Bojan: What you gonna do now then?
Bojan: Go to college or something?
Aceofsleep: Dunno going to get my entertainment in first so that I can get bck from work with a descent break
Bojan: ic
Bojan: spoken to anna?
Aceofsleep: right
Aceofsleep: Been doing that this morning
Bojan: did she reply to the email btw?
Aceofsleep: Yea
Bojan: Good news?
Aceofsleep: Kindash
Bojan: oh?
Aceofsleep: she has a bf but she's having a relationship with me also, she spoke to him about it I guess and while hopefully I get her in the end...
Bojan: oh i see
Bojan: Never knew she had a bf though :-O!
Aceofsleep: While she got one I guess when I was gone
Bojan: It's driedman
Aceofsleep: wtfbbq?
Aceofsleep: He's in Californa?
Bojan: Yeah
Aceofsleep: So how did they did together anyway?
Bojan: I guess they met up cause they both live in cali
Bojan: then decided they wanted to get together
Aceofsleep: Ah... I guess that's how
Aceofsleep: Don't know what to do and shit
Aceofsleep: Pretty much having a feeling I'm going to lose her anyway...
Aceofsleep: I already have plans but they aren't exactly good ones though
Aceofsleep: Well at least what others think to be bad
Bojan: What are your plans?
Aceofsleep: I already planned my date of death
Bojan: right.
Bojan: What date?
Aceofsleep: No one will ever know it besides me
Aceofsleep: Let's just say the date has something to do with what I've been without
Aceofsleep: No
Aceofsleep: Feb 14th
Bojan: You're 19 right?
Aceofsleep: yes
Bojan: Too young to give up on everything
Bojan: wait til you're 40

And on that note, Ace walked away from Bojan. Little did either of them know, not too far away Anna was with another man. A man called Driedman. They were hanging out in the local pizza restaurant with a fellow called James. Unfortunately Anna had to leave. This gave James the chance to have a good chat with Driedman to see what was going down with him and Anna.

James: hmm
James: you like er dont ya
Driedman: note to self: we are going out
James: lol edating
Driedman: how is it funny
James: internet dating is funny
James: i find it cute
Driedman: if you don't like it then you can get out
James: read last comment
Driedman: i read it
James: so how long
Driedman: about...couple weeks
James: ever plan on meeting?
Driedman: yes
James: how long
Driedman: um idk
James: live near?
Driedman: i live in ohio
James: and her?
Driedman: she lives in california
Driedman: yeah i know
James: ouch
James: so you like her oy
James: why
Driedman: because she is charming..cares for others, on top of it all she comforts me
James: i see
James: cute
James: so how did it all start
Driedman: when i hosted a gvh server
Driedman: er
Driedman: i mean tournament
Driedman: and i took the extra step to add all gvh tourney members to my msn
Driedman: and she happened to sign up
Driedman: and she found out i was the nicest guy on skulltag
James: nicest?
Driedman: but i wouldn't want to piss me off tho
James: i remember back then a player named tikal, now 'she' was nice
James: i dont think you could top her off hehe
Driedman: orly?
James: yepper
Driedman: i think anna is hotter imo
James: hotter than...
Driedman: anna is hotter than tikal or whatever
Driedman: imo= im my opinion
James: i think youre just saying that now since youve never seen her
Driedman: well you've never seen anna either Razz
James: so how serious do you plan on going
Driedman: all the way
James: as in
Driedman: marrage
James: aw, cute
James: how old are you two
Driedman: 16
James: oh wow, a bit young?
Driedman: not marriage when we meet
Driedman: she just texted me Razz
James: that girl?
Driedman: yeah
James: you two should meet at quakecon
Driedman: quakecon?
James: yep
Driedman: whats tha
James: big day
James: basically a gamer's holiday
James: large event, i believe a week
Driedman: in a week? or lasts a week?
James: last
James: so you like er that much i take it
Driedman: yeah'
James: must be the new fad, edating on st

James then left. On the other side of Proville NzO was walking home, only to find young Ace wandering the streets. He decided to go see what was up.

Aceofsleep says: Man I can't sleep
Aceofsleep says: I found out a bunch of stuff yestarday
NzO: oh??
Aceofsleep says: Pretty much... I told Anna everything
Aceofsleep: And well, I told her a dream I had about marrying her... And she wants to be
NzO: wut
Aceofsleep says: Yea... I told her what all I been through
Aceofsleep: Before I left for Basic I e-mailed her saying that I loved her and that I would have her on my mind during Basic
Aceofsleep: I checked my e-mail for the last time and didn't see anything from her
Aceofsleep: She did e-mail me though but I could never get a hold of it
Aceofsleep: And during basic I was starting to worry about what her response was to my email
Aceofsleep says: Well I get to the computer and check my email
NzO: then? lol
NzO: did you get the email?
Aceofsleep says: I saw her email
Aceofsleep: I was leaving Fort Benning that morning
NzO: oic
Aceofsleep says: Then I get back from Fort Benning and she says that she already has a BF... (Driedman) and told him about me
NzO: ok sorry, I just had to laugh
Aceofsleep says: And she pretty much is dumping him for me
NzO: ooo
Aceofsleep says: When she did that I knew I could make her mine, I told her everything
Aceofsleep: Why I was suicidal and the whole story
Aceofsleep: I sent her a email that was 4 pages on Word (Spell checking it)
Aceofsleep: She told me that she was honored to be her GF
Aceofsleep: I told her about the dream I had of her of me proposing to her
Aceofsleep: And she wants to marry me from what she was saying
Aceofsleep: And this morning I felt as if she was actually there with me in bed sleeping
Aceofsleep: I woke up from a dead sleep to see if it was really her and it wasn't
Aceofsleep: I felt tears going down my face already
Aceofsleep: Now I can't go back to sleep because I want to know if she really wants to marry me, because I don't want to tell my friends I'm engauged and then later on I'm still single
NzO: wow
Aceofsleep says: A lot can happen
Aceofsleep: I haven't been back an entire week
Aceofsleep: I was first single and already fallen in love deeply enough to believe I can actually marry her
NzO: oh dang
NzO: does driedman really date her
NzO: like
NzO: physically?
Aceofsleep says: She had the same thing going on with him from what I heard
Aceofsleep: Either way I don't care she's mine now
Aceofsleep: And that's all I care about
Aceofsleep: And she knows that
Aceofsleep: The thing is I never truly felt this deep about anyone
NzO: oh
Aceofsleep says: That's why I'm so worried
Aceofsleep: She is the first to be the one to say "I love you" to me
Aceofsleep: I have to thank Bojan though...
Aceofsleep: I was thinking of writing that letter after I got out of Basic
Aceofsleep: Bojan pretty much talked me into writing it before hand and sending it to her before I left
Aceofsleep: So I truly have Bojan for all of this but most importantly Anna herself for accepting my love
NzO: oh my
Aceofsleep says: I mean thank Bojan for all of this

NzO then went home for a good nights rest. In the early hours James heard a loud knocking on his door. He opened the door to find an emotional Anna.
‘I have to tell you something’ said Anna.
‘Come in’ said James.

Anna: I need to talk to you about something
Anna: Kind of informing you
Anna: After a couple of days of Ace being back I want you to know now that he and me... well you know
Anna: Lets just say hes not going to be depressed anymore
Anna: Were pretty much in love so you know... And I wanted to inform you
James: ok, more fun for me !!!
James: now i can tease dried
James: even more muahahaha
Anna: Thats the second part
James: god im evil
James: oh?
Anna: Dont do that
Anna: Let me deal with dried
Anna: I have to break up and its really heartbreaking
Anna: I have to do it slowly
James: oh so it was true?
Anna: Yes
James: sorry but i gotta lol at it
Anna: I have to do it with timing
James: there's a reason the internet isn't meant for dating
this is one reason
Anna: heh
James: but go ahead and have your fun, i aint stoppin ya
Anna: Please respect my wishes... you can tell others close, but I dont want driedman to know...
James: so now i must ask why must i be involved in the first place
Anna: Pretty much you can play around even in-game messing with us if you want, I want you know the status, and I needed to tell someone...
Anna: I just needed to set one limit thats all
James: you do realize the age difference is pretty high betwen you and ace
James: well, for your age anyways
Anna: The older people are the less it matters you know
Anna: 7 year age difference between my parents
James: i see
James: well, just be careful
Anna: Okay, will do

This was it! Anna was finally letting go of Driedman to be with her one true love; Ace.

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Post on 22nd March 2010, 12:28 am by Cyberimp666

The next day Ace and Anna met up to talk about their future.

Anna: Hun, i cant wait til we get married and i dont have to deal with my annoying selfish sisters, and my stupid father
Aceofsleep: I can't wait to be with you and live in the city again where there
Anna: <3
Aceofsleep: I <3 Anna Naomi Searle
Anna: Me is aching to hold your body close to mine and kiss for hours long
Anna: Right now i want to lay on top of you and kiss you in bed <3
Aceofsleep: You would never sleep because I'd be kissing you until you fell asleep from how tired you were
Anna: Thats sounds kinda hot <3 making out until i fall asleep...
Aceofsleep: <3 I want you to be happy
Anna: You know what sounds wierd?
Anna: Aceofsleep Whats wierd is that im completely naked and i want to make love <3
Aceofsleep: I want to also honey <3 and now I have a lift
Anna: ?
Aceofsleep: «I blushes
Aceofsleep: Erm not sure how to put that
Anna: Gosh robert just say it <3
Aceofsleep: Ok ok, I have a erection from when you said that
Aceofsleep: And now I feel my heart starting to pump faster
Anna: <3 now that sounds better! I love you sooo much!
Aceofsleep: I love you too honey
Anna: Rofl i thought me another thing we could do together... Taking showers together <3
Aceofsleep: You wash my back and I'll wash your's <3
Anna: Well actually i was thinking of something else we could in the shower <3
Aceofsleep: You have me speechless right there... I have no idea what to say but I can't get any harder now
Anna: Well its part of love hun <3
Aceofsleep: Yes I know, right now I feel like getting in that shower and show how much I love you <3
Anna: Very Happy! I love you so much hun
Aceofsleep: I love you too Anna, after we get together there will be nothing to seperate us! Anna Naomi Searle I will be there for your birthday <3
Aceofsleep: I still have that hard on...
Aceofsleep: It's not going away!
Anna: Rofl, Very Happy! Whats wrong with that?
Aceofsleep: It's just it's never stayed up this this long
Aceofsleep: It wouldn't feel right to do what I have in mind :\
Anna: Prolly because im keeping it up with my love <3
Aceofsleep: That and the two pictures I have of you XD
Aceofsleep: Ok...
Aceofsleep: You're going to have to give me a few minutes
Anna: Okay
Anna: Truth is... I already did it...
Aceofsleep: Ok done and I guess you were too
Aceofsleep: I guess I don't feel as bad knowing that you want to do that as much as I do
Aceofsleep: I think sorry trying to keep from bursting out in tears because I can't make love to you
Anna: Awwww, :'[ i wish i could be there.
Aceofsleep: Sorry but... I had to again
Aceofsleep: That's why I was gone for some more of the time...
Anna: Wait... Again?
Aceofsleep: Yes again
Aceofsleep: It's down this time...
Anna: <3!
Anna: Im blushing now... You did it twice for me <3
Aceofsleep: There might be a third if you keep talking like that
Aceofsleep: When we are together and we go to do this I won't stop until I drop
Anna: Well how can i help talking like that? I love you too much and i kinda like it :3
Aceofsleep: Yeap there's going to be a third...
Anna: * kisses robert and holds him to her body <3
Aceofsleep: I have a hot feeling around my body when I finished, I also heard a voice saying "I love you Robert"
Anna: Wow, i want to be there right now. It must feel good though <3
Aceofsleep: I wish you were here too, or I was over there, I never done it three times in a row like that... I feel tired...
Aceofsleep: That and afterwards I'd cuddle up with you kissing you on the lips one last time before I close my eyes
Aceofsleep: I guess I'll be honest with you... After the times we would talk about hugging kissing and all of that... I did this but only once
Aceofsleep: Jesse is going to telle Dennis and Alyssa I'm engauged to you <3
Aceofsleep: I wish I could see that bitchs face
Anna: Engaged? <3 that sounds great! I love being with you <3
Aceofsleep: Yes I know that sounds great! <3 I want to have that ring on your finger right now though, so that other guys will know to look the other way
Anna: Yeah we will walk around hand in hand making out and making all them jealous, and allysa.
Aceofsleep: Honey... I still feel that hot around my body still
Anna: So you said you heard a voice saying 'i love you'?
Aceofsleep: Yes
Aceofsleep: But although more spaced out for obvious reasons
Anna: British accent? <3
Aceofsleep: Yes <3
Aceofsleep: And that's when the hot feeling around my body started up
Aceofsleep: Oh god there might be a forth
Aceofsleep: I dunno if I want to or not for the forth time
Anna: Oh hun, just pretend im there rubbing up against you with my arms around you Smile i want you to feel good when you think of me
Aceofsleep: This would be better if I could have you here doing that and actually making love to you
Anna: Thats what i want the most! To be yours! To be there with my ring, arms around you, making sweet love
Anna: Mmm... Im getting a hot tingly sensation inside me right now... Im so attracted to you!
Aceofsleep: Oh if we were together right now you wouldn't be able to say anything from how much love you would be getting
Anna: OMG! Its getting so hot inside! <3 im gonna have to do it soon too!
Aceofsleep: I'm so tired now
Aceofsleep: 4 times in one night is all I think I can do honey
Aceofsleep: I need to take a shower badly now honey, I'm sweating a lot, I still feel the sensation in me and my heart is beating away
Anna: Okay, its not like im trying to get you to do it... Okay i am, im trying to get you do it cuz i like it <3
Aceofsleep: I'm done for tonight honey I'm too tired to do it again if I were to I'd wake up with my pants still down
Anna: K honey, love you!
Aceofsleep: I love you too honey, I wish we could be sleeping together right now though cuddled up with each other
Aceofsleep: Yes I think I might honey, I do say I never thought I'd see how much you really loved me to actually do that <3 I love you too sweety
Anna: Robert and Anna Searle forever!
Aceofsleep: I really do wish we could be together right now sleeping with each other, cuddled up, and wake up kissing each other...
Aceofsleep: From a long night of making love to each other
Aceofsleep: I'll message you when I get up honey <3 good night and you'll always be in my dreams
Anna: Good night <3
Aceofsleep: I have one question before we go to sleep
Aceofsleep: Will we ever have kids?
Anna: Oh! Yes... Yes we will.
Anna: But a little early to think that far <3
Aceofsleep: Yes I know I'm just curious to know if I would need to do something to prevent that from happening too early
Aceofsleep: Sigh I just don't think I can to go sleep now...
Aceofsleep: I'm too excited just knowing that you love me as much as I love you, Anna... When we meet for the first time...
Aceofsleep: Let me carry you where ever we go
Anna: You had it coming! Thats what you get for emailing me with intense love <3 !
Aceofsleep: I'm glad I was actually able to open my heart out to you and you accepting it, thank you Anna... and good night <3 you with all my heart
Anna: Love you the same hun. G'night.

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Post on 22nd March 2010, 12:29 am by Cyberimp666

The next morning.

Aceofsleep: Honey I'm up
Anna: Good morning hun. I was lucky that you know who started to text me when u left. But now im tired
Aceofsleep: You still tired honey?
Aceofsleep: Well I'm going to go going soon Sad I guess I'll talk to you sometime tonight honey <3 you and if you could send me a picture of you
Aceofsleep: I'll take one of me doing what I do best
Anna: Anna Searle wants to be with her future husband <3
Aceofsleep: I woke up this morning with love stains in my underwear
Anna: * gives robert a big hug Very Happy
Aceofsleep: «I gives his future wife a big kiss
Anna: I came to your dreams last night?
Aceofsleep: Yes, and I woke up with needing a new pair of underwear this morning and it was still up
Anna: Our love is growing even more <3!
Aceofsleep: Oh Anna, I just wish I could hug you, squeeze you, kiss you, make love to you right now <3
Anna: Now every time you say something like that to me i get a little wet <3
Aceofsleep: When we actually do go to do it you'll be wetter
Anna: Rofl... I kinda feel bad wanting to do it like... When we just meet. Idk i just want to so bad! <3
Aceofsleep: We should wait after we meet to make love like that so that it's more special to us right?
Aceofsleep: I don't want to rush into that because what if I make the mistake of cuming in you and we aren't ready for a child yet
Anna: Yeah... But now im tingling and wanting it so bad
Aceofsleep: My heart is already starting to pump faster along with that hot feeling around me
Anna: Err... You dont mind right now if i start to... finger myself?
Aceofsleep: I don't mind anything that you do, I had to do it this morning to get raid of what was left over from last night
Anna: Thanks hun <3 Youre the best. Im doing this for you <3 <3
Aceofsleep: I love you too honey
Anna: It feels good alone... But knowing im doing it for someone i love makes it feel wonderful <3
Aceofsleep: I felt better knowing that it was for you too, I wish we could make love together instead of being split apart
Anna: I can just imagine you coming thru my door and just jumping on top of me and making love <3
Aceofsleep: I dreamt of doing that but you would be in bed ready for a long night
Anna: Right now, thats all i can think about... All i care about is you being here making love with me. Nothing else matters right now

Aceofsleep: We'll be able to make love one day honey <3 and it will be a long night
Anna: Um... Can you do me a favor? I was wondering if you could keep sending these love messages... It really help with what im doing right now <3
Aceofsleep: One night is all it'll take and you'll want to be with me more and more every night we make love you'll want more of it
Aceofsleep: I want to make love to you right now
Aceofsleep: Now I need to do the same <3
Anna: That would be awesome! If we both did it at the same time like... Right now <3 omg, please do that <3
Aceofsleep: I already started
Anna: <3 i love you so much Robert Searle <3
Aceofsleep: I love you too Anna Searle <3 my heart will always have a beat with you in love with me
Anna: I can picture us making love from two sides of the country <3 and it is hot <3!
Aceofsleep: Oh crap I got some of it on my shirt D:
Anna: Im blushing so hard!
Aceofsleep: I wish I could have my lips pressed deeply into your as we kiss for the first time <3
Anna: Okay i gotta finish doing this <3 its getting messy. Just tell me you love Anna Searle so much again please <3 <3
Aceofsleep: I love you Anna Naomi Searle <3 you'll want me more and more as we are together
Aceofsleep: I wish we could have our bodies together and never seperate from how much love we make
Anna: <3 Very Happy! Thanks sexy <3 im done :3
Aceofsleep: I love you too Anna <3 I need to try to keep from doing that though, would not be right having my parents walk in seeing me do that
Aceofsleep: And I can't lock my door, but anyway, honey when we get together we won't be done for a long time when we go to make our love known to...
Aceofsleep: Each other
Aceofsleep: But with that dream I had last night when we were done, you were cross eyed, panting slowly, and your touge was sticking out , and you
Aceofsleep: Closed your eyes as I kissed you
Aceofsleep: <3

So, it is official. Ace and Anna are in love, and want to get married! Who’d of thought it eh.

What is in store for the lovebirds next? Will they go through with the engagement and get married? Have kids? You will have to wait and see!

To be continued…

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Post on 22nd March 2010, 7:47 pm by Totengott

Pure narrative genius. I LOVE YOU BOJAN WE WANT MOAR PROVILLE!!!

PS: What happened to them anyway?


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Post on 23rd March 2010, 3:53 pm by Bojan

I want more proville too! I'm not really around much to do one :(

I might dig through old logs to see if I can make one out of them, I'm sure I'll have enough ammo.. haha

I'd love for you guys to do one too! But not against queen Bojan :D

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Post on 3rd February 2014, 1:18 am by Bojan

Proville 4: The Ace Edition UDr4AGH

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Post on 3rd February 2014, 1:53 pm by Totengott

Holy shit I'm dying! It's too good to just be a coincidence. DISNEY KNOWS

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Post on 4th February 2014, 11:53 pm by Ruin

Oh wow.

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The Toxic Avenger

Post on 5th February 2014, 3:39 am by The Toxic Avenger

Oh lawdy

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Post on 16th March 2014, 4:37 pm by Odymex

i love you guys rofl

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Post on 17th March 2014, 11:14 pm by NzO

Look on how many things we can share this post, lmao.

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